Sony sold more than 5.3 million PS4s

Sony's just announced 5.3 million of the next-gen consoles sold worldwide.The PS4 has held the overall next-gen hardware sales lead since it launched in November, and appears to be extending the gap on the Xbox One during these early stages of the war. 

It's not everything about Xbox One
 the previous generation PS3 took almost a year to reach the same result. The Nintendo Wii U, which launched not too long ago, managed around 3 million in around the same time as the PS4 took 5.3 million.

Right now Microsoft is putting its next-gen eggs in the Titanfall basket, but Sony is pushing PlayStation Plus with its first-ever commercial for the service , plus exclusive games on the way including Driveclub and Infamous: Second Son.

Source: Engadget 


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