Google scheduled an event for Project ARA

The Conference will take place between April 15 and April 16 in Mountain View, California.

 Project Ara is the modular phone that was originally a project being handled by Motorola, but was kept by Google as part of the Motorola purchase by Lenovo. The conference will be held the same month that Google releases the Ara Module Developers’ Kit

There is also some more information about Google's desires for Project Ara have come out. For example, Google wants the entry level unit priced no higher than $50. For that price, buyers would get a touchscreen, Wi-Fi radio, and the circuitry to run both. Google plans on opening kiosks where Ara owners can purchase additional parts to snap in to their phone, allowing an Ara owner to go from low-end, to mid-range and perhaps even high-end model, with a few key component additions.

More info, photos and a quick video you can find on: Techland.time


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